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Katrin Piepenbreier



Wer sind wir?

“To reclaim our dignity and role as guardians of the planet will not be easy.

But we can pray for the intercession of His mercy, knowing, according to an ancient promise,

that “His mercy is greater than His justice.”


There is a real reason that the ancients understood that He is a wrathful God, and made penance and sacrifice to placate Him.


We may think that our science and civilization can protect us from this primal power, but the symbol of the dragon as the power of the earth is not without meaning. We have little understanding of the archetypal forces that underlie our surface lives, and of how they are all interconnected and can manifest the will of God.


We can no longer afford to be ignorant or think that we can abuse the world as long as we want.” 

― Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

We live in a world that has forgotten how to slow down. I can feel the deep yearning for something real and meaningful, authentic connection and relating in integrity, born from the deepest roots, louder than ever in all of us. Yet, if we look around us, we find ourselves in a culture that is becoming increasingly fast and shallow and more and more empty, lacking depth and connection.


However, some of the ancient ways of living in reverence with life have been preserved, even though I rarely see true ceremony. True ceremony is really being in deep reverence with whatever situation you find yourself in and celebrating life. In our modern way of living, life calls to open sacred space during pivotal events, such as birth or marriage, death and for healing purposes. Unfortunately, a lot of people running around this planet are on the take and trying to get as much as possible, dismissing the real power of ceremony and ritual. Opening sacred spaces is a deep act of devotion, and it is crucial for the intention to carry an unyielding presence of love and focus. We are asked to slow down, to be with this present moment experience and to feel. To celebrate or to grief. When real sacred space is created, the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds begin to thin and transformation ensues.

Fire ceremony feminine embodiment Katrin piepenbreier_edited.jpg

I feel the deep yearning to live from a place of embodied living wisdom and true freedom, honoring the miraculous wonder that life truly is and am calling in all those who sense the yearning to belong - to become their longing - to live with purpose in devotion and who want to build an integrated relationship with the responsibilities that come with being human. Those who are interested in standing naked in front of Truth, this sacred space that cannot be faked. Those that truly want to be touched by all of life.

If you feel it’s time to return back home,

To do something different,

To truly open your heart,

To honor your story

And the story of mother Earth,

To feel authentically,

To truly deeply care for and love another - just for the sake of Love for Life itself,

Wait no more.

It has to begin,


And you know.

The time to open your heart and let down all the emotional armor, all the collective shaming, all the accumulated  ongoing self-hatred, all the buried pain, all the repressed emotions resulting in trauma, all the meaningless materialism is now. And you know, your heart can open so wide to embrace all of these conditioned layers and start moving towards your meaningful purpose, allowing your heart to break open.

When we dare to let go of all the conditioned layers of our shared reality and we reconnect with the simplicity of the Earth and her wisdom, we have the chance to meet each other for the first time in our deep humanity. We have the chance to discover the sacred that comes through the living memory in each cell in our own bodies and through the body of mother Earth. This living memory of all that has come before, all that lives inside us and all that is yet to be. You can feel this demand of love to strip away all that is false, I know. I can sense it in you. So don’t be shy. Allow yourself to be taken by Love and surrender into this unspeakable vastness to touch the one inside that lasts.

It is those who remember the sacred spaces within and without and have the courage to surrender under the weight of Love that have the chance to be the change we all want to see and feel so desperately. Those are the ones that have the chance to grow real roots and deep, real, raw love. Those are the ones that have the chance to become the guiding lights, the walking, living, embodied examples of the natural way of living and being in relation with life.

hand touching water.png

If you feel called to arrive into full form

  • to grow roots beyond safety into true belonging

  • to return to kinship and deep care and deep presence

  • to return to a real sense of connection

  • to walk the embodied path of sacred space

  • to claim the depth of your heart

  • to begin your walk of integrity 

  • to live your life in authenticity

  • and to embody mature humanity

you are warmly invited to join us on this journey.

This journey is a walk pivoting towards the sacred.


Pivoting towards the sacred is a capacity to be with what you're in the presence of, not turn away from it. It's this capacity to fall in love and in wonder with the places and experiences that you live.


Human nature is to forget. Even the things we love and the people and the places and the animals that we deeply care about. Forgetting is inevitable. Partially this is why we find ourselves nowadays so disconnected and cut off from nature and ourselves - we have forgotten that we are an integral part of nature. So to walk the embodied path of deep presence and real love, it is necessary to create spaces to remember intentionally. Ceremony is a way to remember to remember. Opening sacred spaces allows us to bring back together again, to take the many broken pieces and to bring them into a hole again.


It is no rocket science, it simply requires us to turn towards, and not away. To look within and to dare to be with. To honor all endings and all beginnings. To be with is the true secret of witnessing and a simple way of creating sacred spaces.


Ritual is the routine infused with sacredness, intention and mindfulness. It is habit made holy. Ritual is the unspoken language of the soul. It is embodied prayer. With commitment and intention ritual has the capacity to alter time and expand consciousness. As we dance through the doorway of ritual we will enter into sacred spaces to remember and re-create; remember our soul's purpose and re-create ourselves in that whole and holy image.

Rituals help us to remember as we as human beings keep on forgetting all the time. Forgetting isn't wrong or bad, it's simply human. And understanding this humble human nature gives rituals one of its purposes as it helps us to recollect our memories of who we are and where we came from. And they also help us to remember where and who we are now.


This is a Sacred walk into oneness and unconditional love consciousness.



  • How to let go of "destination and goal addiction"

  • Reconnecting with the magic of life

  • Igniting play, lightness and adventure

  • The power of Intention




  • What is The Sacred?

  • How to create Sacred Spaces: Altars & Sacred Elements

  • The importance of greetings and farewells

  • The Medicine Wheel & The 4 Directions


  • Definitions & Misunderstandings

  • The nature of relating, relationship

  • The power of Ritual


  • Tantric Rituals: Puja & Nyassa

  • ​Shamanic Ritual: Medicine Wheel

  • Taoist Ritual

  • Voice Activation as Active Prayer

Become the embodied human being your heart longs for.

Limited spots available to guarantee an intimate container.


SUPPORTED ACCESS, for those with limited financial resources: 55 EUR

NORMAL ACCESS, for those with normal financial resources: 110 EUR

GENEROUS ACCESS, for those who have the financial capacity to support others: 220 EUR


There are no refunds except for extenuating medical circumstances that can be proven. If you pay and can't make this one for any other reason you can exchange it for the next cohort.

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