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Nackte Frau

Katrin Piepenbreier



“Desire is a teacher:

When we immerse ourselves in it

without guilt, shame or clinging,

it can show us something special about our own minds

that allows us to embrace life fully.

— Mark Epstein

If you are sensing it’s your time to stop turning away from this woman within yourself and start venerating the shifts in consciousness you might be experiencing in your own life, this is your sign. No matter what is happening for you right now, this is your moment to pay attention, listen deeply and differently and slow down:


Do you desire to feel authentically empowered and embodied in life, love, spirit, and sex?

Are you eager to understand what it means to feel the aliveness of your feminine body?

Do you desire to live a life rooted in the true openness of your deep heart?

Are you curious to experience the simple magic of feminine embodiment practices?

Do you desire to understand the inherent relationship between embodiment, spirituality, intimacy and sex?

Are you looking for tools to transform self-sabotaging patterns, limiting beliefs, past hurt and old wounds into love and trust?

Do you desire to be fully met and deeply loved and are ready to step into the power of vulnerability and allow for the beauty and radiance of your heart to finally shine and be the guiding principle in your life? 

Are you looking for tools to free your body and heart from emotional armor so you can experience the deep connection with others you deeply desire? 

Do you desire to tap into your deep feeling sensitivity and feminine wisdom and surrender in her trust?

Do you desire to embody the feminine gifts of feeling deeply, expressing fully and artistically offering your heart in devotion?

Do you desire to learn to sustain your deepest heart’s sensitivity and keep on opening your heart despite the many hurts you have experienced?

Do you desire to access and stay connected to the true wisdom of your body?

Do you desire to learn the art of surrender even though you don’t quite know yet how to trust yourself and another fully?


This is the call for the Women to align in their innocent erotic, joy, light, true divine nature. For the Women to initiate themselves into the sacred temple of their body, heart and soul and become initiatresses of this radiance by claiming their holy desire.

Livin Prayer Feminine Embodiment Katrin Piepenbreier.png

This journey offers a life changing foundation for your life. It is a journey of remembering the inner waters of the Deep Feminine Wisdom. This journey is a rebirth into your deep loving, authentic self & erotic creative potential. You are going to go on a journey to tap into the depth of true intimacy beyond sexual pleasure. You will taste this deep intimacy that is born out of belonging and comprehension. This deep, intimate communion with life itself that enables you to be less fixed with and attached to this life while being fully surrendered in her loving embrace. It is a journey of returning back home.


You are going on a journey to invoke a new way of living: A way of living where you rest in wholeness, union, oneness. This journey is the starting point for your ever-expanding way of showing up in life in your true colors. It is the very starting point to consciously create your world by assessing and reshaping the way you choose to think, act, create and be; accessing your innate wisdom. You will learn step by step how to surrender with trust into the everpresent Deep Feminine Wisdom. This act of constant devotion and surrender will enable you to understand that who you truly are - the real, raw, unmasked you -  is enough and is the value this world needs and your very gift to this world.

This journey is an invitation to learn to lie ourselves upon the earth with Devotion, resting in prayer, living in consecration and ritual. Embracing our humanness in her totality - with all the ugliness, all the brokenness, all the beauty and love. Nothing is excluded or denied. All parts of you are forming the beauty of your heart, and all parts are welcome. All parts are embraced as part of a sacred altar of power. An altar is a sacred space of connection, power, love, light and healing. It is a space of communication beyond this world, a space of inherent beauty that expands and nourishes us.


This journey is to initiate you into the wisdom of your untamed, holy desire and to activate your body, soul and heart as a sacred altar. 

body as sacred temple feminine embodiment Katrin piepenbreier.png




  • to feel more connected with your body & your feminine essence and want to feel empowered in your erotic expression

  • sisterhood, vulnerability, authenticity, radical honesty, truth & depth

  • an opportunity to leap into the unknown and really lean into your growth edges and are willing to step out of your comfort zone 

  • a safe & sacred container to hold you as you are facing your shadows and fears

  • tools & practices to help process, release and express your emotions in a safe, healthy and embodied way

  • a deep transformation through inner work and spiritual practices 

  • a deeper understanding of the feminine cycle and moon wisdom

  • bringing your life into deeper alignment, integrity and coherence

  • tools to stay connected to the sacred feminine wisdom and current of love & life

  • connecting to your body’s wisdom and honoring your inner realms 

  • integrating the power of intention, consecration and ritual into your daily life

  • deepening the connection to your intuition and embodiment


This is where we, ourselves, take back responsibility for our lives.

This is where we release our victim mentality and become creators.

This is where excuses and limitations are surrendered so that abundance may be received.

This is where the diagnosis from those around us no longer carry power, but our own knowing, conviction and embodiment does.

This is a radical transformation to what self love truly is, when you go below the surface level and what is possible when you step into the mature Feminine and become a creator and visionary for your life.

Fire ceremony feminine embodiment Katrin piepenbreier.jpg


This course is a child of change, born out of a time of deep personal transformation in which a ritualistic approach to life to remember and to feel connected again has proven to be of great value for me. This course is a living love recipe book jam packed with rituals and ceremonies, teachings on spiritual philosophies, practices and theory from the tantric & taoist traditions, shadow work, breath work, feminine embodiment practices and thought-reframing, trust-building & gratitude exercises that will bring profound transformation on a personal and spiritual level. This course is not for the faint hearted, it requires your full commitment, dedication and willingness to step into the best version of yourself and finally step into the radiant, magnetic woman you came to be and be of service to the world.


  • twelve 120-min Live Training Calls

  • weekly pre-recorded videos for each module to deepen your understanding and embodiment

  • weekly embodiment practices & other tools for an organic integration and deepening of this training

  • In-depth tantric, spiritual and taoist philosophy to understand how ancient wisdom applies to our modern lives and how you can immediately start living a heart-centered life

  • weekly training materials with step-by-step exercises, instructions & inspiration to be more in touch with your body, and learn how to embody your erotic expression in a natural way

  • pre-recorded meditations & follow-along feminine practices for you to in and reconnect with your body-wisdom any time you wish 

  • weekly 1-1 exercise & practice with your accountability sister, for an even deeper unraveling and shedding of layers of shame, unworthiness, insecurity and transformation into love

  • a 1 hr 1:1 coaching session with Katrin at the end of the training to support your personal onward journey

sacred sisterhood feminine embodiment Katrin piepenbreier.png

This is a Sacred walk into oneness and unconditional love consciousness.



Learn to dissolve doubt through devotion. Discover how to let yourself be moved, and to move with life. Step into what it means to be a moving, embodied, living prayer. We will be exploring core wounds and shadows in the presence of a sacred, spacious environment. This container allows you to free yourself from the past by expressing, processing and resolving stored emotions. The growing understanding of conditioning by upbringing and past experiences enable you to take the step towards radical Self Love.


  • Release ways where you withhold (self) love by releasing stuck energy of victimhood and passivity 

  • Release conditional love pathways & discover the beauty and power of grief

  • Reclaim true self love including how to protect, nurture, initiate and empower yourself through the Divine Feminine



What does it really mean to be in your power. to create a sacred space in your life, to live in alignment. We are bridging our sacred tools of prayer, faith, rituals, ceremony, crystals, song, etc. with the arena of the Divine. We dive deep into the power and different elements of surrender, igniting this sacred fire to tap into the living power within and to operate from our spiritual authority.


  • Step into greater alignment with the Feminine by understanding the seasons of the feminine cycle and applying sacred moon wisdom

  • Step into your creative essence to birth your own life through gratitude & faith practices, re-framing practices & deeper living practices

  • Deepening your understanding and connection to God & Spirituality



Learn the art of being fully human and fully Divine through leaning into comfort and compassion. This module is all about returning to your heart and choosing your feelings. Discover a way of allowing your human and Divine expression to merge. Uncover, recover and discover all the ways that you are unique and diverse. Work through any unworthiness you hold and reveal all the magical messages and unique gifts you carry. We are stepping into the power of language and intentional creation.


  • Release separation and isolation from life by uncovering what's not working in your life and step into intentional co-creation with life

  • Discover your core desired feelings & your sacred emotions

  • Deep dive into your inner selves to step into your worthiness, innate wholeness & your fullest expression



As we walk into the darkness there is light. As we walk into the fertile heart of the Deep Feminine we sit in the reclamation. The holy reclamation is embracing the ancestral wound of abandonment, betrayal and rejection. This is the turning point to the Deep Feminine and the way forward with the original source.



  • Deepening your connection with the Deep Feminine through relationships

  • Introduction into the Consciousness of Oneness

  • Pleasure and Desire as Gateways to the arena of the Divine


For when I was a young girl

I knew it to be true.

I had the wings of an angel, 

The heart of heaven,

The hands of miracles,

The body of beauty,

The faith of the infinite,

The abundance of life itself.



Become the embodied woman your heart longs for.

Limited spots available to guarantee an intimate container.


There are no refunds except for extenuating medical circumstances that can be proven. If you pay and can't make this one for any other reason you can exchange it for the next cohort.

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