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Katrin Piepenbreier

The Joy of Giving

In the following, I introduce some projects that are very dear to my heart for different reasons - either this organization has touched my heart deeply and has been a pillar on my journey of transformation or the project is something I deeply believe in and know the founders and creators that stand behind in person.

A minimum of 25% of all income generated with any of my offerings will be directed to one of the projects listed below.


This introduction is also an invitation for you to see if there is a resonance with any of the organizations or projects and if you feel called to contribute to their mission and vision and therefore spread the love. 

Hridaya Yoga

Hridaya Yoga Mazunte Yoga & Meditation Mexico.png

Hridaya Yoga was founded from a deep yearning to share the message of the Heart with ever more people. At our centers, we share non-dual yogic teachings formally—via silent meditation retreats, yoga courses, and workshops—and informally—through daily life in a vibrant community of people dedicated to living with an Open Heart. In this way, we help those searching for meaning discover their inner Self and experience the love, self-confidence, freedom, and joy of a life lived from the Heart.

Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua.png

Viva con Agua promotes access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. This project relies on activism and is using the universal languages of music, sport and art for their work and their national and international projects. Help support the vision “Water for all – All for water” because water is life.

Mazunte Sk8

Mazunte Sk8 Skatepark Mexico Meditation Yoga Community.png

Skateparks provide an outlet for individuals to set their mind at ease, get a workout, have a sense of belonging and offer unlimited artistic expression. When you enter a skatepark, you are immediately part of a worldwide community.


Mazunte is a community of ocean shredders who are as salty (humble) as it gets. Their craft in the waves is matched by their hospitality. Without blinking they accepted an outsider as a brother because of the shared appreciation for body movement in nature, and because they are simply good humans, they understand it is the way.


Mazunte Sk8 will bring light to kids who may otherwise be sitting on a curb, getting into mischief and questioning the purpose of life. To finish the job, we need help. Skatepark construction costs are not cheap, but the ROI will last for lifetimes. Together, we can spread the happiness that is skateboarding.

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