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Rock Island in Herzform

Katrin Piepenbreier



The practice of deep listening begins right here, and for the duration of this course it is utmost important to recognize the limitations of language, and to remain and come back again and again to openness to allow for what is beyond the words to speak to you. Allowing yourself to taste the unique fragrance and magic of the Sacred Feminine.


This course is not designed to help you understand the Sacred Feminine in a logical, linear matter, rather it is a journey designed to draw you into her wisdom and mystery. There is truly not a single definition of the Feminine, but there can be an awakening to her ways, to her qualities and to her powers. The Feminine does not like to be caught in any single name or fixed explanation, she is a way of relating to life and oneself and the Divine. And this Sacred Feminine belongs to both, men and women.


This course also aims to dismantle and de-armor bit by bit learned ways of disembodiment and is inviting you to understand in an experiential way the Sacred Feminine. The more you allow her in, the more you will understand that the Sacred Feminine is not in any contrast or opposition to the Sacred Masculine. This journey is an invitation for you to experience innate wholeness. Even though we live in a culture dominated by separation, the Divine is beyond any division. And you do not need to be spiritual or religious for this experience. It is the very core of your being and accessible to EVERYONE, regardless of your background or religious/ spiritual orientation.


The hope for this course is to awaken some of the qualities of the Sacred Feminine into your consciousness and for her to reveal some of her magic and lift some of her veils and thus enable you to live a more connected life and step into your service.

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